Go see Victor: Wicknell tells Macheso

 Wicknell Chivayo has bought musician Alick Macheso a new car on 8 March.

 It’s been a few busy months for Wicknell, buying cars for some of the country’s most influential entertainers. Since 2023, Chivayo has bought more than 60 vehicles, giving them to people of his choice.

He shocked Zimbabweans when he bought 50 Toyota Aquar vehicles for his churchmates.

 Chivayo also bought fellow artists like Seh Callaz, DJ Fantan, and Jah Prayzah.

With such a significant expenditure on cars, Zimbabweans had been questioning where he got the money.

Sharing on his Instagram, Wicknell revealed why he bought Alick Macheso over other artists. He cited that Alick Macheso’s continued performances at Zanu-PF rallies were one of the main factors driving him. He continued speaking about how much some of Macheso’s lyrics inspired him and gave him direction.

“Ndimi makambo imba kare paye mukati UNE MOYO UNE RUDO NE VAMWE USADZOKE SHURE ” is what I’m doing: HANDI DZOKERE SHURE… Mukati pane vachaku svibisa moyo rega vakadaro ita chete zvawaka pirwa NASHE…

Ipapo ndaka pabata zvakare. I will continue to spread the love by supporting the party of my choice, ZANU PF, supporting my family the best I can, and doing GOD’S WORK at my church,”

Chivhayo said Alick Macheso had a long journey from his early life before fans to his legendary status in Zimbabwe.

With Wicknell Chivayo buying him a new car, Zimbabweans are celebrating, so we looked into his prolific rise in music.

According to Zimbabwe Profiles, Macheso started his career in 1983 when he joined Vhuka Boys, a band led by Shepherd Chinyani. While on a show playing for Vhuka Boys, Macheso met Nicholas Zakaria, who convinced him to join his team.

Macheso joined Nicholas Zakaria and became a crucial figure in the band, playing critical roles in hit songs like Mabvi Nemagokora. After playing with Zakaria, Macheso started his band, Orchestra Mberikwazvo and produced his first album, Simbaradzo.

Since then, he has been producing hit songs, cementing himself among the best musicians in the country.

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