Former MP Huruba’s Bwanya irrigation vision fulfilled

-as Gvt goes for broke to fight drought


CHIVI-Former Chivi North Member of Parliament, Tranos Huruba is walking with a gait after the Government started setting up the Bwanya Irrigation scheme in ward 3 last week which he initiated.

Huruva bought a pump to draw water from the perennial Shahe River for Bwanya irrigation scheme meant to benefit over 300 families in 2009, but the project stalled due to lack of funds and support from stakeholders.

The pump is still lying idle and thieves have taken advantage and stripped it of its parts rendering it unusable.

Two year ago the Government through its development partners carried out a feasibility study and now the project has started and in the next six months it will be completed according to engineers and the contractor selected by the United Nations Development Programme.

“We have taken it upon ourselves to make sure that the vision set in motion by former MP Huruva is fulfilled and this meeting is part of the last stages for the project that will see over 300 families having small plots in the scheme.

“The contractor is already on the ground and the UNDP has already released the funds for the project to take off.

“The engineers have requested that we get electricity for the pump from REA and we will definitely do that,” said Chivi North MP, Godfrey Huruva Mukungunugwa during a tour of the site last week on Saturday.

“We are very grateful to our President Mnangagwa for not leaving anyone or any place behind, he is leading by example and is fulfilling his promises of ensuring that no one dies from hunger as this irrigation scheme will ensure that the villagers get food whether there is drought or no drought.

“Shahe River is perennial, all the water that was going to the lowveld is now going to be used to feed the community here,” said Mukungunugwa.

Site Engineer Rangarirai Mutusva who is spearheading the project told The Midweek Watch during the tour that the fields will be irrigated using solar power, but there is need to have electricity where the pump will be installed to increase its capacity.

Mutusva also appealed to the MP to push for quick installation of power at the pump site as they want to complete the project within six months.

He said this project is the first of its kind in the country under Government Climate Funding phase 1.

Mukungunugwa said the contractor will be allocated two houses at Bwanya Primary School for use by the managers and other specialists since most of the labour will be sourced from the local community.

He also said the contractor will be using the local borehole, but will install a solar pump to draw water to the primary school and for the community to use even after the competition of the project.

Ward 3 councillor, Stephen Takawira was naturally excited by the irrigation scheme in his area as it will go a long way in ensuring food security for the community in Chivi which falls under natural region 5 which is prone to frequent droughts.

“We feel very honoured and happy at the same time with such a milestone development in our ward.

“Our schools will get plots in the irrigation scheme for their use and learning, our youths will get employment as the project kicks off and all these are positive developments.

“We want to thank the Second Republic for such a vision and to be the first ward to benefit from such a life changing program,” said Takawira.

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