Football star, Sadomba sells house to cover mounting debts

Former Zimbabwean footballer Edward Duduza Sadomba disclosed that he took drastic measures to recover approximately US$450,000 owed to him by his former Libyan club.

Sadomba shared that he sold one of his houses and undertook a three-day fasting and prayer retreat near Harare in a bid to settle the debt.

Back in January 2016, Sadomba and Al Ahli reached an agreement where the Libyan club was supposed to pay him the said amount. However, it turned out that Sadomba unwittingly signed a document acknowledging receipt of the money, which he never actually received.

Despite taking the matter to FIFA, Sadomba faced obstacles and decided to sell a property in Waterfalls for US$60,000 to cover arbitration fees for the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). He then retreated to Resthaven Retreat for three days of intense prayer and fasting.

In July 2017, CAS ruled in Sadomba’s favor, overturning FIFA’s decision, and he finally received the owed amount from the Libyan club. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Sadomba visited Resthaven Retreat, where he had found solace during previous challenging times, and donated a cottage as a token of appreciation.

Reflecting on his experience, Sadomba emphasized the importance of faith and humility, urging others to prioritize spiritual values over material possessions. He recounted how his spiritual practices, including prayer at Resthaven Retreat, had positively impacted his career, even amidst challenges.

Sadomba’s deep spiritual convictions were evident in his naming of his sons and his steadfast belief in the power of prayer over superstition. He concluded by highlighting the enduring significance of his actions, emphasizing their potential to inspire future generations.

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