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Fifi’s boyfriend to appear in court for leaking n_des

Finally, the law has caught up with Mai Titi’s daughter Fifi’s tormentor who has been blackmailing her for several months before he leaked sensitive images of the teenager.

Amin Mhaka, who has been in a relationship with Felisha Murata popularly known as Fifi, decided to leak her private images in a scandal that rocked social media.

Mhaka was taken into custody and is currently detained at Highlands Police Station pending further investigation into the matter, as confirmed by National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi.

Mai TT, upon learning of the distressing situation, revealed that her daughter had been subjected to threats from her partner throughout the previous year, a fact that Felisha had kept concealed from her mother.

According to Mai TT, Felisha had been paying her ex-partner until she reached a point where she could no longer sustain the arrangement. This led to Amin making the decision to release the compromising images.

Mai TT emphasized the exceptional character of her daughter. She described her as a quiet, intelligent individual who had never given her any cause for concern.

“Felisha is a blessing in my life. Her impeccable conduct has always been a source of pride for me. I have never had any reason to reprimand her,” Mai TT remarked.

She went on to clarify that the distressing incident was a consequence of a failed relationship. Felisha had placed her trust in her former partner, only to have that trust betrayed through the unauthorized sharing of private images.

The arrest of the suspect has proved that the police take the law seriously. The Cyber and Data Protection Act (Chapter 12:07] as read with Section 164E of the Criminal Law Codification & Reform Act [Chapter 9:07], prohibits the collection, transfer, sharing and or broadcasting of intimate images and or videos without the consent of the person concerned.

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