Fifi regrets n-des that went viral

In an X handle that The Midweek Watch could not independently, verify the disgraced Mai Titi’s daughter, Fifi accuses her former boyfriend of leaking the n_udes to social media as revenge for breaking up.

In a message posted some 10 hours ago Fifi accuses a former boyfriend for leaking the n_udes that have sent the internet on overdrive.

“My name is wa Mai Titi there is this guy l was dating, and we broke up and now akuposta maNud*xxs angu through all networks nhai ndodiii coz am deeply hurt…?” she posted.

Tshoko went on to reply her; Hakuna ma nudes anonzi “ma nudes angu”. If you take a pic of yourself lewd, it immediately belongs to the devil and his world. You are making yourself public property, for what? Ndozvishayiwa

Some were saying she is lying, while others were suggesting that she should sue the boyfriend since she knows him.

Some are querying the authenticity of the account and they wrote; So a 17year old opened account in 2014 arigrade  1-wrote one, 3 eyed raven on X handle.

All those responding believing its her , be serious…this account was opened here in 2014…fifi ari grade 1.. dont gv power to such ghost accounts like this, responded Duchess of Sport.

Danana naye mechi2-wrote Eliakim tsikayi.

Ndokuda zvakadaro hny dnt worry about it- Concerned ZimCitizen.

Tsek iwe ghost kana uriwe hqnty wakasenda uripabasa here nhai kajokana-A touch.

My thinking is that, you are learning from the best role model you could ever get…your mom-Julius Jacobs.

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