Exciting times ahead for investors in Masvingo Province

By Angeline Zimbwani Mikiri

Masvingo Province is the home of sugar farming and production located in the Lowveld in Chiredzi, Triangle, Mwenezi, and surrounding areas.

There is threfore a great need to invest in more sugar milling companies as sugarcane farmers have increased in the region, thus creating more jobs.  

The region is rich in beef production, e.g., Mwenezi and the Lowveld. Masvingo can be one of the largest beef exporters in the region through the establishment of abattoirs, thus creating employment. e.g. skin hides factories, etc.

 The coming of Lake Tugwi Mukosi means agriculture will subsequently improve because of irrigation. Since there will be more water, a great need to establish the hydroelectric power station is critical.

This means electricity for domestic, commercial, and industrial use will be generated through such major investments.  This will ease the burden of Hwange and Kariba Power stations. Masvingo will also be able to export power and bring more revenue. This will subsequently increase the GDP of the province and the nation at large.

The UNESCO World Heritage site which is the Great Zimbabwe National museums and monuments, Lake Mutirikwi, The Gonarezhou National Park, and Kyle National Park are tourist attractions found in the region.

 The Gonarezhou National Park, the Malilangwe Trust, is one of the biggest tourist attractions that need to be well promoted.

Lake Tugwi Mukosi is becoming a tourist resort,this means Masvingo will house the largest inland dam in the country. Hence, tourism opportunities will boost in terms of fishing and boating, etc.

There is also a great need for the construction of lodges and chalets surrounding the newly established Lake Tugwi Mukosi.  Since the name “Zimbabwe is derived from The Great Zimbabwe Monuments (which is 30km from Masvingo City) this means Masvingo has a great historical back ground and the real story about Great Zimbabwe needs to be told to the whole world to promote our culture and heritage.

Masvingo City (Then Fort Victoria) has a great historical background. It is the first urban settlement to be established by the Pioneer Column, It is a gateway to the rest of Africa, the shortest route from Cape to Cairo by road, which is linked by Mucheke River bridge.

Next time you want to invest, come to Masvingo Province, the Cradle of our National Heritage.

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