Ecobank focuses on women empowerment

-as it opens branch in city of progress

Edwin Moyo

 Gweru-Africa’s leading financial institution in Africa, Ecobank with branches in 36 countries has called upon women to come forward and accesses bank accounts at a zero charge under the initiative to boost and empower women in marginalized communities.

The call was made this Monday as Ecobank officially opened a branch in the city of progress, The Midweek Watch can reveal.

Addressing stakeholders during the official opening of the branch, Ecobank board member, Promise Ncube said the bank had come to serve the nation and advance the welfare of women.

“We are here to open a branch, which we believe is here to serve the community of Gweru and the nation of Zimbabwe. As Ecobank we are here to make our presence felt in the country and to offer the services which are needed by the people.

“So, women come forward if you want to open businesses, or get loans, we give you at zero bank charges considering the kind of project and business which one proposes to do, as we also get to monitor them, we understand women require financial upliftment and empowerment.

“Honourable Minister, the Small to Medium Enterprises (SMES) constitute close to 90% of the African economies. Our presence now means supporting women, it means giving financial advice and solution to business and residents including women.

“As Ecobank we are proud  because we are one bank which is found everywhere on the continent of Africa as we have more than 1 300 branches across 36 African countries, notably in nations such as Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Congo. In Zimbabwe we now have 7 branches, Harare 2 one in Bulawayo, one in Mutare, one in Kwekwe, Bindura and now in Gweru.” Ncube said.

Officially opening of the branch in Gweru, Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Owen Mudha Ncube said, the opening of the bank was a milestone in advancing the fruits of second republic.

“The coming in of Ecobank is a major milestone that we applaud as a city and as government because we are moving with the second republic’s mantra of vision 2030.

“We are happy, as we embrace yet another achievement in attracting investment in the financial sector. Financial inclusivity is a key enabler in unlocking economic development. The government has rolled out information communication technologies to enable online transactions through the recently licensed Starlink and other networks.

“Zero charges, such a service is a life changing initiative which we believe will go a long way in empowering women. The Midlands Capital thrives on economic stability and projects which uplift the community.” Ncube said.

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