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Dunira appointed Village Head


MASVINGO –Forceful politician, Godhadhi Dunira aka Saddam has been appointed Village Head in Mukonde, under Headman Pitima Pisirai Mapiye in Chief Bere’s area in Masvingo Rural District.

The appointment was made by Headman Mapiye who said it is in accordance with the Traditional Leaders Act (chapter 29:17) which talks about the existence of village heads, headmen and chiefs.

“We have appointed Dunira as the new Village Head of a farm in Mukonde area under my leadership as the headman and under Chief Bere.

“We are happy with the new dispensation which is allowing us to do these appointments without fear or favour and we are leaving no one and no place behind and we are encouraging people to come and get land and a place to call their own,” said Headman Mapiye during a visit to The Midweek Watch offices.

Dunira who is popular for mobilising supporters for mobilising the ruling party, Zanu PF told The Midweek Watch that he is happy and pleased with the prestigious appointment and added that he has great plans for his people.

“I am quite happy and honoured with this prestigious appointment. I have great plans for my people despite being in a rural set up.

“Our people will engage in market gardening and feed the urbanites. No one should go begging anymore as long as there is land people should never go hungry. We want to help our people to harvest water and never to rely on rain water which is not reliable, irrigation and boreholes are the way to go.

“Land is the new gold, if you have land you have everything, our people should supply everything to urban markets, from free range chicken, pork, broilers, greens you name it from the plots that we are allocating them.

“We have the capacity because we have children from agricultural colleges who have the knowhow, technology to feed this great nation,” said Dunira.

He added, “I also want to thank President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Second Republic which ensures that none and no place is left behind, they are implementing the Traditional Leaders Act as a way of empowering the locals so that they benefit from their God given resources,”.

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