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Drunk Vic Range man rapes sex worker 


 MASVINGO CITY- A stone drunk Victoria Range man will live to rue the day he wanted to quench his sexual appetite with the woman he met on his way home as she has reported him for rape.

Newlife Zviodza (34) is now languishing in remand prison after the woman he thought was a prostitute reported him to police for rape after he offered her US$3 only for the ‘services’ which she turned down.

Newlife Zviodza(34) who resides in Victoria Range residential area in Masvingo was remanded behind bars when he appeared before Regional Magistrate, Bishard Chineka for raping the complainant.

It is the State case that on the 13th of January, 2024, at Victoria Range, Zviodza raped an adult whom he had mistaken as a commercial sex worker.

Prosecutor, Liberty Hove told the court that around 1900hrs the complainant was coming from Dunira Complex, Gwanoz Business Centre in Masvingo going to her place of residence and met the accused person who was stone drunk and holding a beer bottle.

Court heard that the accused person thought the complainant was a commercial sex worker and asked her of how much she charges for her services

The victim told him that she was not into that trade.

As if that was not enough, Zviodza  went on to grab his victim’s  t-shirt, dragged her into his house which was nearby, the victim cried for help but no one came to her rescue.

Inside the house, Zviodza allegedly removed the complainant’s wrapping cloth aka Zambia, short, pant, t-shirt, braa and placed them on the floor and forced her to lie on the bed facing upwards.

 He then mounted on top of his victim and had unprotected sexual intercourse with her once without her consent.

The woman kept on screaming and trying to free hrself from the vice grip hands as a result Zviodza got angry and started assaulting the complainant with open hands several times on the face, head and back.

Zviodza later freed the complainant before ejaculation since she kept on resisting making it impossible for the accused to continue having sexual intercourse with her.

After the abuse the victim went to file a police report leading to the arrest of Zviodza.

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