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Drunk Simbisa Brands employee rapes mentally ill girl (20)


MASVINGO CITY- Hebert Mandizvidza (57) from Rujeko B and works for Simbisa Brands at Exor complex who was reportedly drunk was caught pants down raping a mentally ill girl (20) by the victim’s uncle.

Mandizvidza was allegedly caught quenching his s@xual appetite on his mentally ill neighbour by the uncle of his victim at around 7pm in his room.

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the arrest of Mandizvidza on April 26.

Mandizvidza has since appeared in court and was remanded in custody to 13 May for trial.

According to a source who refused to be named and privy to the developments, the accused and the victim’s uncle are family friends and neighbours as well.

“The victim is mentally challenged and she stays with her uncle who is a friend to the accused near Rujeko B shops,

“On Saturday at around 7pm, the accused went to his friend’s place after a beer drink and took the victim and her uncle’s son who is about 10 years old,

“He went to his place where he gave the little boy a US$1 with instruction to go and buy chips at the shops.

“Maybe he did not think that the little boy will come back earlier, so he decided to rape the mentally challenged girl that is how he was caught trying to properly dress up.

“When the boy came back he found his niece in a compromising position and the perpetrator trying to zip up his pants.

“He went home and told his father who later took his niece for medical checkup which confirmed that there was penetration,” said the source.

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