Drunk conductor run over by trailer


MASVINGO –An unlicensed drunk conductor, Tinashe Masocha (21), was run over by a trailer and died on the spot as he scuffled with the kombi driver for reversing the vehicle without permission.

The incident occurred on July 1st around 10 am at the 60 km peg along the Beitbridge-Masvingo road.

According to Masvingo Police Spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa, the omnibus was traveling from Beitbridge to Masvingo with five passengers on board.

Insp Dhewa said the driver, Ishmael Chirere, had pulled over to the side of the road for a break, leaving the keys in the ignition.

The intoxicated Masocha then got on the driver’s seat and started to reverse the vehicle.

The driver pulled the conductor from the seat while the vehicle was in motion and the deceased who was drunk failed to missed a step and fell onto the bar connecting the trailer and the omnibus and was run over by the trailer then died on the spot.

Insp Dhewa stated that Chirere stopped the vehicle after noticing that the conductor had been run over by the trailer.

Dhewa urged drivers and conductors to refrain from consuming alcohol while on duty, as it impairs their judgment, reaction time, and decision-making skills, leading to tragic incidents.

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