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Drama as man (23) escapes jail, drives from Plumtree to Msv in leg irons


MASVINGO-It is still a mystery how a daring man escaped from Plumtree prison on January 6, 2024 while in leg irons and drove all the way to Masvingo, hitting tollgate boom gates and road blocks along the way.

Takudzwa Chinhoro (23)’s luck ran out at around 7pm in Masvingo as the Police shot one of his wheels at Mushagashe tollgate and he dumped the car and hid in a curve where alert CID managed to sniff him out.

True to their mantra that ‘Masvingo is not a safe haven for law breakers’ Chinhoro is now at the Central Police station under heavy guard.

The man is said to have been arrested for smuggling and escaping from Police custody.

A Police memo in our possession confirms the dramatic arrest.

“The accused person is suspected to have smuggled a motor vehicle Mazda 6 from Botswana (worth US$5 00) and entered Zimbabwe through undesignated point.

“The accused person was arrested at Plumtree put in leg irons and however, he escaped from lawful custody.

“Police followed up the accused in high speed chase with no joy as he would hit booms on all tollgates from Plumtree to Masvingo.

“Alert police officers in Masvingo managed to follow up a tip off that he was driving in leg irons. Accused was then arrested by detectives from Masvingo after information follow up.

“Takudzwa Kundai Chinhoro aged 23, N.R 07-250831-L-07 of 23831 Westgate, Harare.

“He dumped the vehicle after hitting Mushagashe boom gate and was later apprehended by Masvingo police.

“He had a wheel shot by police at Mushagashe tollgate but didn’t take hid. Only to dump the vehicle 20km after the tollgate before Chatsworths turn off. Search made by police led to his arrest within that area hiding behind a curve with leg irons still on,” reads the memo.

When contacted for a comment Masvingo Province ZRP spokesperson said he had not had sight of the memo and will communicate as soon as he gets it.

A Masvingo based lawyer who spoke on condition of anonymity said Chinhoro could have used alternative routes popularly known as bhinya roads to escape detection.

“Unless the Police were not alert enough, but chances are he could have used bhinya roads to evade the tollgates.

“This also brings in another issue where the Police will have a torrid time with motorists due to the hiking of toll fees by Mthuli Ncube because, for one to pay toll fees from Chirundu to Beitbridge with a private vehicle is too expensive.

“Motorists would prefer to dodge the tollgates than pay as it is cheaper to use bhinya roads resulting in ZINARA collecting less.

“It will also fuel corruption by the police as they would allow motorists to use bhinya roads for a small fee like a dollar or 50 cents,” said the lawyer.

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