Dog whistling

By Aaron Gono

Any good English learner can equate “dog whistling and gas lighting” as the same. Dog whistling encourages people to quarrel or fight amongst themselves.

 Gas lighting that’s when someone is psychologically manipulated so that s/he begins to doubt his own sanity. “Am l right if l say Mr Joe Biden, you are wrong, or if l say a white man was an oppressor some days ago?” These all incorporates gas lighting, you are made to believe that slave trade was fake and deny the truth. You don’t believe in yourself.

On the onset of the Russo- Ukraine disturbances in 2022, the President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa took a bold move when he abstained from voting against Russia, in the United Nations assembly. Old Biden was determined to fulfill the “New World Order.” He threatened every tree that deemed to offer some Russians shade. He targeted anyone who believes in Russia, as an “Axis of Evil.” George Bush, used the term successfully in his wars against terror and the world believed in him.

So this old American fella was also quick to apply it in a different terrain. Anyway l don’t hate you Mr President. America needs young blood like Obama, Kennedy, Clinton, etc because America to be honest is the heart of the world. It doesn’t need careless old man to man it. It took Joe Biden, some months into the war and he was busy threatening anyone who has ties with Moscow.

He never used the charm George Bush used during his tour of duty. In  early 2023, the world was divided into north and south. All third world countries rallied behind Russia. It was a deliberate move to fix you Mr Biden, on your wrong approach to world events.

 The countries that respected you as a beacon of hope realized that you were a beacon of imperialistic maneuvers. How did you think Mnangagwa was going to vote against Russia , whilst his country is burning down under your sanctions.

We owe the British Crown some explanation not the US. We know you are cousins but just respect our sovereignty, we owe King Charles an explanation, not someone in Chinook land. I only disagree with your approach to the world arena Mr President. You are very old , just take a rest. I cried in 2001, when the Twin Tower was destroyed, watching people falling down from hundreds of metres to the ground, was traumatic.

So America needs to polish up its foreign policy to meet the modern world. Sanctions and using your military prowess is not the solution for today’s world.

 Using the media to castigate anyone who disagrees with you is very old fashioned like Buick cars. Right now the European Union is forced to arm itself to the teeth, anticipating that Russia is after it.

 Britain is not a member of the EU, but has been dragged into the war. Their lndian Prime Minister, to appear not Indian, is aping King Biden’s every move, from talking tough, speaking English through the nose and promising to neutralize Russia. You spent nearly two decades in both the Vietnam and Afghanistan wars! Did you achieve the prospective results?

We don’t need these mongering of the French revolution right now. We need peace, to come to New York, Brussels, London, Lisbon, Paris, etc to enjoy ourselves, not to be separated by a few spoiled old brats.

 We are not eternal enemies but some few elites in glass houses create that scenario. You took our great, great, great fathers and mothers to work in sugar plantations in Europe and America.

 And we let bygones be bygones. And now you are at it again, with your popular culture, human rights, democracy, freedom of speech, which you don’t adhere to. Some American universities didn’t give students their diplomas on various campuses this year because they disagreed with King Biden’s s foreign policy in Gaza.

If you don’t believe in what you tell ‘”dictators” in third world countries to adhere to, you are simply “phoning” yourself.

 So all those European countries that are forced to arm themselves to the teeth have accepted ” dog whistling” as the norm. America wants all rare earth minerals to itself. It’s a pity that the Democratic party are campaigning against D. Trump, that he will forsake Europe militarily, if he is voted back to the Oval office. Trump is very right, what is the reason of creating dangerous nukes daily thinking of war; why not PEACE.

Macron is also thinking of sending ground forces to Ukraine. Mr President, think of your former colonies that have deserted you, instead of seeking heroism in Ukraine.

 You have lost everything in Africa, Sir Macron, because of your myopic approach to world affairs. You are not Napoleon, Bismarck or Charles de Gaulle, you are simply Macron, you lack the his charm.

 Your old lady is spoiling you, young man. You are not Alexander the Great.

We need peace in today’s world. You have quickly forgotten the destruction caused by the 1st and 2nd World Wars. We need to enjoy what God has created us to enjoy. America must ditch its protectionist policies because you are only an innovator but not a creator of rare earth minerals.

 Share what you have with the world to make it a better place. Reminder again to the Caucasians; you forced third world countries to rally behind Russia because of your arrogance and lack of tact. In Zimbabwe’s street lingo we call it ” Chifinhu”- (an act done deliberately to bore or fix the intended target).

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