Deportivo La Murambinda FC appeals for sponsorship


BUHERA –ZIFA Manicaland Province Division Twoe team from Buhera District, Deportivo La Murambinda FC is appealing for sponsorship to enable them to fully compete with other teams in the ERSL.

Speaking in an interview with The Midweek Watch, the team’s coach Sundire Mhere said the Division Tow bound soccer team is in need of assistance in a bid to prepare for the forthcoming season.

“We are facing challenges of lack of resources like transport, training equipment, financial resources to meet other expenses as a club. So, we appeal to Buhera sons and daughters or beyond to come to our rescue for the sake of the most beautiful game,” said Mhere.

The coach believes that his team is full of potential and said that with adequate resources and support, the team can produce top players.

The team is not only creating opportunities for the youth, but also helping the disadvantaged to be able to pay for their education and to keep the youth away from drugs.

“In our team, we have some young boys from disadvantaged families whom we took the responsibility of paying their school fees and buying them school uniforms, books and reading materials. We believe that for them to be successful football players, they need good education as well,” he said.

He said those who want to sponsor the ambitious community based team can contact the club’s chairperson, Elijah Mawoyo on +263772470639 or the manager, Talent Muzivi on +263773033385.

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