Decongest Mtapa Market-GLPC


GWERU– In an effort to deal with the continued spread of the deadly medieval cholera disease, the Gweru Local Peace Committee (GLPC), is pushing for the completion of two marketplaces at Kombayi and Wimpy to decongest Mtapa Market.

When complete and in full operation, the two marketplaces will go a long way to decongest the Mtapa Market, which most people believe is a habitat for cholera and other diseases.

The decision was made following the recent outbreak of cholera with the latest cases being confirmed in Zvishavane a fortnight ago.

Health authorities in the Midlands Province have since recorded a cholera case in the district as one patient was admitted last Sunday.

They further emphasized that various measures are being implemented to raise awareness about the situation while the Civil Protection Unit was actively convening regularly to strategize on the best way forward.

Speaking at a Gweru Local Peace Committee meeting which was supported by the Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA) last week, Gweru District Development Coordinator, Tarisai Mudadigwa said it was important to push the developers so that completion is achieved on Mtapa and Wimpy markets

“Let’s push the developers and see how our remaining projects can be completed at Wimpy and Markets so that we decongest Mtapa markets.

“Let’s also resuscitate the old markets in the location so that our vendors can also get stalls in our wards. So as residents’ associations, you have a task to go and engage vendors as we try to map the way forward. We must also engage them on cleanliness and hygiene so that we reduce the spread of Cholera.” he said.

Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association, ( GRRA) director, Conilia Selipiwe said the ablution facilities were still a challenge at Mtapa market.

“It’s true that Mtapa was meant to temporarily accommodate vendors while these markets were being refurbished. So, along the way, it then became permanent hence the need for us to then cope with the latest development of trying to make the place habitable.

” In as much as we want to curb the spread of cholera, we are then saying, let’s have our toilets completed and improve our water systems. We also need to have one or two boreholes drilled in cases of emergences.

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