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Damba, Nyaradzo policy stand off resolved amicably


MASVINGO CITY-A misunderstanding that had arisen between the late Henry Damba’s family and the largest funeral assurance company in the country, Nyaradzo over his policy that had reportedly lapsed has been amicably resolved.

After the family and Nyaradzo resolved the matter, the late Damba who had been promoted to glory on January 13 was laid to rest through his policy where hundreds of friends, relatives and business partners braved the rains and thronged his homestead in Madamombe, Chivi to pay their last respects.

A close relative, Benard Chiondegwa confirmed that the matter between the family and Nyaradzo Funeral Assurance concerning his policy which had lapsed had been resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

It had earlier been reported that Nyaradzo Funeral Assurance was demanding US$1 042 to lay Damba to rest at his homestead in Madamombe.

Chiondegwa told The Midweek Watch that the matter was blown out of proportion by certain individuals who always look for opportunities where it is not necessary.

“Since technically Damba’s policy had lapsed the Masvingo team had already put in place measures for a befitting send off of their friend, business partners and political colleagues had already raised US5 000 towards that. Fortunately, the matter was ironed out and Nyaradzo took over everything to do with Damba’s burial in accordance with his policy,” said the veteran opposition activist.

Chiondegwa said, Nyaradzo exhibited the highest level of professionalism despite the dust that had been raised by some alarmists bent on gaining views and likes on social media through other people’s misfortunes.

A close friend and longtime political ally, Oliver Chirume also weighed in and said Nyaradzo were very clear on the issues and it did not take a day for the matter to be resolved.

He said Damba’s policy was last paid for in October last year and in November and December it was not paid.

On January 9, 2024 the policy was paid for, unfortunately it was not indicated that the policy had lapsed upon making the payment and the family thought all was well.

It was only found out that, the policy had lapsed on the day Damba passed on as they wanted to take the body to Nyaradzo where he had a funeral policy.

Chirume said they indicated to Nyaradzo that upon payment on January 9, the issue of lapse was not raised and Damba had been contributing religiously to Nyaradzo for the past 15 years and the management in Harare quickly gave the go ahead for the burial arrangements to go ahead led by the funeral company.

Earlier on Nyaradzo Group Chief Executive Officer, Philip Mataranyika in a whatsApp conversation had refuted allegations that his company was demanding US$1 042 to bury Damba.

The late staunch opposition activist succumbed to prostate cancer at Dr Madhombiro’s surgery in Masvingo City after he was diagnosed with the deadly disease late last year.

He was 54.

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