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Courageous granny escorts girl (11) to report rape

-as Glad Tidings Pastor Musiwedzingo keeps mum about the rape by relative


MASVINGO –It took a courageous grandmother from Chivi to escort an 11 year old girl to report a rape case at Chikato Police, as a pastor who had been informed about it allegedly kept mum about the heinous crime for a year.

 Glady Tidings Fellowship, Pastor Peter Musiwedzingo in Masvingo for a year allegedly kept under wraps the sexual abuse of a 11 year old girl by a relative despite being the first to be told about it.

Instead of assisting the minor to file a police report, the pastor allegedly asked the minor to forgive her alleged abuser.

This was revealed in the ongoing rape trial of Aleck Dhiwa (48) at the Masvingo Magistrate Court.

Dhiwa was granted ZWL$200 000 (equivalent to US$7) bail by Regional Magistrate Bishard Chineka.

Dhiwa’s trial will commence on 29 January.

  Prosecutor Liberty Hove told the court that Dhiwa allegedly sexually abused the minor on different occasions since September 2022 at his at his Mucheke F house in Masvingo.

 Dhiwa, the court heard first attacked the minor on an unknown date but during the month of September 2022, when he was home alone with the minor whilst his wife had gone out on business.

Dhiwa is alleged to have advanced to the sofa where the minor was seated and started to fondle her breasts, forced her to lie facing upwards and raped her once.

The complainant told Dhiwa that she was not happy with the sexual abuse however, she did not tell anyone about the incident.

After some days, Dhiwa’s wife left home for town and he approached the minor who was seated in the dining room, tied her hands with a string and she tried to scream and the accused took a towel and put it in her mouth to curb the noises.

The complainant lost consciousness and when she woke up she realized that she was no longer wearing her undergarments and had some whitish fluids on her vagina.

Court was told that in 2022 the complainant went to Pastor Musiwedzingo and she opened up about the sexual abuse.

However, in turn the Pastor invited the minor, Dhiwa and his wife to discuss the matter and after the meeting the Pastor told the minor to forgive the accused as Dhiwa had  pleaded for forgiveness, but the minor refused to accept the apology.

After the meeting Dhiwa continued to rape the minor on different occasions, and had the audacity to  her that he wanted to have a child with her.

The matter only came to light in December last year when the minor relocated to with her grandmother in Chivi where she narrated her ordeal.

On the January 11, 2024 the grandmother escorted the complainant to file a report at ZRP Chikato.

She was referred to Masvingo Provincial Hospital for medical examination and a report will be produced in court.

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