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Council employee in prison for ravaging workmate’s 3 year old daughter


MASVINGO-Masvingo City Council employee, Tichaona Zvandasara (44) of Pangolin in Mucheke has appeared in court for callously raping a workmate’s 3 year old daughter.

The accused person and complainant are not related but they reside at the same company house where their families share the same house, the court was told.

Zvandasara appeared in court on Friday before Masvingo Regional Magistrate Bishard Chineka

He was remanded in custody to 23 February for continuation.

The court heard that on the 6th of February her aunty left home for Mucheke rank leaving the toddler with other siblings aged 12, 7, 10 and 5.

At around 6pm, the victim went to the toilet and when she was about to get out of the toilet, she saw the accused standing by the entrance.

She was allegedly dragged by the accused back into the toilet and he closed the door and instructed her to lie down facing upwards.

The accused allegedly removed his trousers and lifted the complainant and forcefully inserted his erect penis.

She cried due to the intense pain that she was being subjected to, but the accused threatened to stab her with a knife.

Tichaona then realized that the complainant was bleeding, he instructed her to clean herself and she complied returning back to the other siblings without telling any one.

When the aunt came at around 9pm she noticed was having serious difficulties in walking and was wearing a wet pant.

She thought the baby had wetted herself, but upon enquiring she said it was blood oozing out of her private parts.

The aunt went on to ask her why she was bleeding and she narrated her ordeal, but pleaded with her not to tell anyone as the accused would kill her.

The next day the aunt went with the complainant to the police and they took the bloodied pant.

The complainant went for medical examination at Masvingo Provincial Hospital and the report will be used in court as part of the evidence.

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