Controversy as Byo man dies at Nemamwa in-law’s house


NEMAMWA-Ruregerero Masunda (41) (popularly known as Mundevere in the social circles) of Bulawayo was found dead at his in-law’s house at Nemanwa Growth Point in Masvingo Rural.

His death came as a shock to the entire Nemamwa community that used to call him Mundevere as he was from the City of Kings and Queens.

The matter of his death was reported to the police and details from Masvingo Rural attended the scene and collected the body.

Masvingo Province acting police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Lorine Chanakira-Ndlovu confirmed the sad news and said the late had not been feeling well for a long time.

However, social circles have been awash with unsubstantiated reports that there was foul play by the in laws in cahoots with his wife who had deserted him to South Africa and had 2 children while away.

The two are reported to have 2 children together.

According to his friends in the construction industry, Mundevere was taken in by his mother in law when he became seriously ill three weeks before he passed on.

Unfortunately, there was no postmortem on the deceased to ascertain his cause of death in order to put to rest the rumours circulating at the sprawling Growth Point.

Mundevere was laid to rest at Nemamwa Growth Point as there was no money to repatriate his body to his home town according to close friends.

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