City edge Wolves in a tricky affair

Post match report by The (Ghost KB)

Masvingo City       9

Landmark Wolves  7

In a match dubbed **Battle of the Titans** and one meant to test pride and egos of the biggest pool names in town Landmark Wolves were coming into this match post COVID-19 era with 4 straight defeats against the Citizens who were looking to inflict more pain on the visitors. The MADPA chairman Mr Funani was also present to grace this memorable event.

The home team had its tactics planned out as the table used for the Matchday had just been revamped with a new speed cushion cloth which you would have thought would suit the visitors since they play on this type of turf daily in their own territory but that wasnt the case as the Citizens drew a 5️⃣ – 0️⃣ unassailable lead in the 1st five matches of the first period of proceedings. Judge, Tinashe DS and John Rasta all impressed on some shaky starts from the visitors with recent MADPA weekly tournament champion Donoro, Kidem and T1 all failing to capitilise on the hosts mistakes and paid the price. However, a glimmer of hope was restored for the visitors as Oskid, Master and Ginger won the following 3️⃣ games to restore parity in the scoreline as the hosts went into the halftime interval leading 5️⃣ – 3️⃣.

Going into the 2nd half the Wolves knew they would require a stellar performance to take all 3 points but failed to impress as they only won 1 of their 1st four games in the second interval.

Again the big city stars were up to the task as they capitalised on poor Wolves finishing with reference to the Tinashe vs Happy match which proved to be one of the vital matches that would lead City to glory. This now meant the Citizens needed 1 win of the last 4 games to record a painful 5th consecutive win over their City Rivals in the league in all matches played over the last 3 seasons and the Wolves needed to win the remaining games to secure a point in their rivals den.

 With the wolves aiming to achieve that Kidem gave the Wolves a good start edging Kenny in a tricky encounter to make the score 8️⃣5️⃣.

With all the big city stars out it seemed the last 3️⃣ games on paper would go to the wolves who would secure a draw but that wasn’t to be the case as Man of the Match **Summer Shirt** toppled one the biggest names in the Wolves side Donoro Mashef who failed to impress again as poor finishing proved to be the wolves overall downfall which was the final blow ,city winning the overall match by reaching 9️⃣ wins in the face off.

On conlusion of the match City players could be heard singing from in and outside the Victoria Hotel Pool Arena as they couldn’t hide their jubilation over the triumph with John Rasta leading the songs.

The distraught Wolves players could just but stare in agony as their rivals conquered over them once again.

The remaining frames were played as formality and as expected the Wolves won them comfortably giving a final result of City 9️⃣ Wolves 7️⃣.

Wolves Patron, Kidem Boss was unhappy with the loss but felt they had thrown the game away and vowed to restore pride when they lock horns in the reverse fixture when they play at their home ground.

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