Cholera scare as Izaya Park clocks 4 months without water


ZVISHAVANE-There are fears of diseases outbreak especially the deadly cholera, as Highlands and Izaya Park have gone for almost four months without tap water due to burst pipes, The Midweek watch has leant.

Residents in the two suburbs have been without running water since November last year and there are fears that if there is cholera outbreak in the area it may spread like veld fire due to lack of running water caused by a burst pipe.

There is only one borehole at the Church of Christ premises which is overwhelmed by the hundreds of residents seeking for the precious liquid and has its own restrictions making it difficult for all people to get water.

 “The situation is so dire such that we sometimes go to work without bathing or doing some household chores because there is no water,” said Melissa Mahaso a resident.

Efforts to get an official comment from Zvishavane Town Secretary, Tinoda Mukutu were unsuccessful as he was said to be in meetings until the time of posting the story.

A worker in the water engineering department told The Midweek Watch that they are facing difficulties in repairing damaged water pipes hence they are not in a position to tell when the situation will be rectified since they don’t have the exact location of the burst pipe.

Children from the affected areas have converted a nearby hill into a bush toilet thereby increasing the chances of cholera outbreak.

Residents from Lot 2 and 4 where water supply is constant are now demanding payment from Highlands residents for them to access water from their taps.

  A Highlands resident, Enock Pisirai said it is unfair on their part as they are now paying rates to council while at the same time buying water from Lot 2 and 4 suburbs, who sometimes harass them if they bring too many containers.

Chairman of Zvishavane Residents Association, Kamino Sibango said, “There are certain areas in Zvishavane which have been without water for about 9-15 years because Zvishavane town council demand bribes in order to repair the burst water pipes that is why Lot 4 have water in abundance through Mimosa Mining Company.

“Residents from the low density area of Eastlea have water in abundance, but the same pipes pass through Kandodo which is also affected by water woos. Zvishavane town council only wait for Sabi Mine and Shabanie Mine’s bribes to repair water pipes resulting in inadequate water supply,” said Sibango.

He also said that the Zvishavane town council should provide water since it is in abundance, but there is no capacity to draw it to the residence especially the high density areas where people cannot afford bribes.

The country, together with Zambia and Mozambique have been hard hit by cholera outbreak resulting in over 400 deaths in Zimbabwe alone and water is essential to combat the spread of the medieval disease.

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