Chivi born popular hard puncher is no more

Chivi born, Triangle’s King of the Ring and former National Middleweight Boxing Champion, Philip Chitana Chizororo aka Cobra, is no more.

 He succumbed to an undisclosed long ailment on 01 April 2024 at his Virira Village home in Chivi. A terrific hard puncher during his days, especially from 1975 – 1983, Cobra was popular not only in Boxing Ring but also as a bully in Beerhalls where he would bring his Humber 3-Speed Bicycle and use any man of his choice as his bicycle stand.

 Any resistance against being used as his bicycle stand would leave your jaws and nose broken and your teeth often subtracted.

 He would also bring his very beautiful wife to the Beerhall and plant her in one corner of the Beerhall to enjoy her Tarino while he shares bulk Chibuku with his friends in the other corner. Any mistaken advances to Cobra’s wife upon misconstruing her for a prostitute would attract Cobra’s wrath.

Cobra boxed at the Triangle Boxing Club alongside Shoe Baby, Gamatox, and Magogorosi. They also groomed the likes of King Zaka Madziva, Gedion Magada and Jacob Dekeza, just to mention but a few. This generation of boxers remain the reason behind the construction of the only Boxing Stadium in Zimbabwe, the Gibbo Boxing Arena. Cobra will be remembered for both his positive and negative fame. His burial arrangements will be announced in due course.

May his dear departed soul rest in peace. Lowveld checkpoint

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