Chivhu artist laments lack of airplay on radio

…calls for a community radio station 


CHIVHU- Upcoming Afro Fusion artist, Washington Mugabe based in the transit farming town of Chivhu is on cloud nine after launching his maiden music video early this month amid a huge turnout from loyal fans.

While he is reveling in the oversubscribed video launch turnout Mugabe is equally disturbed by the lack of airplay on national radio stations.

Government through the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) in recent years opened up the country’s airwaves and licensed a number of commercial and community radio stations countrywide.

The move raised hopes for upcoming artists , countrywide, who saw the gesture as an opportunity for their music to reach a wider audience through radio stations.

However, Mugabe  (23) whose  stage name is Washer Vibes  is celebrating four years in the music industry with a total of 22 singles and  his music has a huge following in Chivhu, but he is finding it difficult to have his music played on national radio stations for him to be known countrywide.

 In an interview with The Midweek Watch, the upcoming artist said airplay at any radio station requires a lot of money and some of the radio stations are even turning him away saying he comes from rural areas.

“The situation in music industry is very difficult especially for upcoming artists as we are not getting airplay on national radio stations and if they do, their charge is beyond our reach,

“In addition we are being degraded according to our backgrounds, for example I was once told that Chivhu town is as good as a rural village and so they do not expect anything productive to come out of it,” said Washer Vibes .

Mugabe who also complained that music promoters in Chivhu are delivering empty promises however thanked the local support he gets from his fans in Chivhu and social media for a successful four years in the industry.

“I am very excited about my music video launch, it went very well and there was a good respond from the fans,

“They are loving the song saying it is good lyrically and has a meaningful message which relates well with our daily struggles.

“I am over the moon, personally I never thought this project would make such a huge impact because it has also increased my following. However, I strongly feel that there is a strong need for a community radio station here in Chivhu so that we can have an opportunity to reach a wider audience,” said Mugabe.

Washer Vibes launched his 22nd song on April 05 2024 titled Mambo Munodaani which he said is a gospel track composed out from the questions which he has to God.

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