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Chitungwiza Arts Centre SOS

Chitungwiza Arts Centre was established in 1997 by the then Ministry of Education, Sports Arts and Culture funded by UNDP under its poverty alleviation program with Chitungwiza Municipality donating land.

It was a pilot project and the donated funds were used to erect a perimeter wall and small ablution facility. It was funded for three years and since then all the developments at Chitungwiza Arts Centre are the efforts and contributions of the artists.

Chitungwiza Arts Centre is run by an eight member management Committee elected from the membership after every 2 years by artists themselves.

Artists contribute 10% of sales commissions for the day to day running of the Centre.

We have challenges in marketing our sculptures, our dream is to ship a container or 2 to America or Europe.

This will enable us realize the real value of our work.

Lifting equipment is very expensive to acquire, and at our workplace it’s now an emergency as one of our veteran artist lost his leg while installing a large sculpture, we pray that our government will chip in and also help us take our products to the world.

Chitungwiza Arts Centre houses more than 250 talented artists.

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