Chiredzi DSI in vehicle tender storm 


The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is set to conduct an investigation into corruption allegations being leveled against the newly promoted Masvingo Provincial Director of Education Services, Petronela Nyangwe.

Nyangwe stands accused of bypassing tender procedures to acquire a new vehicle for the Chiredzi Better Schools Programme Zimbabwe (BSPZ) without approval from member schools.

The vehicle was imported from South Africa in January and sources said it has since been registered into Nanygwe’s name as the owner.

Nyangwe who was the then District Schools Inspector (DSI)for Chiredzi District, before her promotion, allegedly connived with a BSPZ accounted, Ottilia Nehowa to purchase the vehicle without the approval of schools which contribute money towards BSPZ.

The vehicle was bought for US$14 000 without going to tender in violation of government rules on procurement procedures in spending amounts over US$10 000.

Taungana Ndoro the director of communications and advocacy in the ministry said they have been made aware of the allegations made against the newly appointed director and an investigation has been instituted.

“There is standing procurement statutes that the ministry should follow when purchasing goods and services above US$10 000.

“I cannot say much at the moment, but we will conduct an investigation in order to get to the bottom of the matter,” he said.

Sources told The Midweek Watch that several school heads in the district are baying for the DSI’s blood as the vehicle was bought without due diligence.

“There were no consultations made prior to the vehicle being bought, in fact there are no minutes authorising the two to buy that vehicle.

“It is just criminal abuse of office by the DSI and she should be investigated, we need action to be taken against the DSI, it pains us most that the vehicle is supposed to be owned by BSPZ but its registered in the DSI’s name,” said one of the school heads who spoke on condition of anonymity.

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