Chipinge Treasurer, Mutemera shortlisted for top post


CHIPINGE-Chipinge Town Council has shortlisted three candidates for the vacant Town Secretary’s post including James Mutemera who is acting in that capacity.

Mutemera was shortlisted together with two others after the local authority conducted interviews for the post yesterday at Chipinge Town Council board room which was attended by five candidates.

Among the shortlisted    candidates is the acting Town Secretary James Mutemera. The other two candidates are Joseph Mashingaidze and Kelton Chinowaita.

Confirming the news to Midweek Watch, the Town Chairman, Kingston Dhlumo said they are done with the selections.

Dhlumo added that the local authority will sit down tomorrow (Thursday) before finalizing everything next week and submit to the Ministry of Local Government Board for their input.

“We did our interviews yesterday (Tuesday) and we had five candidates who attended. A panel of five people presided over the interview with Masvingo City Town Clerk Eng Edward Mukaratirwa chairing. Everything was done above board and the interviews went on properly.

‘What is left now is for us sit down as Council and do recommendations then we submit to the Ministry of Local Government. The Ministry will then give a final say, In fact the Ministry is the one which will make the appointment,” he said.

Chipinge Town Council advertised for the top job in June 2023.The post fell vacant after the dismissal of Susan Dube in December 2021 for gross incompetence. She had served the local authority as a secretary for nine years.

Town Treasurer James Mutemera has been acting Town Secretary since April 2021.

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