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Chipinge man murdered over slippers


CHIPINGE-In a bizarre incident that left Chipinge community shell-shocked, a 24 year old man was murdered over slippers dispute.

Manicaland Provincial Deputy Police Spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka confirmed the incident that happened on September 27 at Dzonzai Bar in Chipinge.

Assistant Inspector Chinyoka told The Midweek Watch that on September 27 at 8pm, Gift Bere  of Medium Density was at Dzonzai Bar in Chipinge town together with Mercy Simango, Memory Mangoma and Evermore Maphosa all of number 1254 Usanga Suburb in Chipinge.

The accused person, Pearson Japhet of Usanga suburb was also drinking beer at the same bar with his friends.

On the same date at around 11pm, Bere together with his friends decided to go to Dzonzai Night Club in Gaza O.

On their way after walking about 8 metres from Dzonzai Bar, Japhet and his friends approached Bere demanding his slippers and a misunderstanding arose.

During the squabble, Japhet withdrew a sharp object from his trousers pocket and stabbed Bere on the chest. After the act, Japhet and his friend disappeared in the darkness leaving Bere who managed to walk away about 25metres from the scene before falling down and died.

Simango rushed to the Police where she made a report. Police attended the scene, but Japhet is still at large.

Police discovered a deep stab wound on the chest of Bere’s body and they took it to Chipinge District Hospital for a postmortem.

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