Chibaya savages Zanu PF


CHIRUMHANZU-Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) organizing secretary, Amos Chibaya has warned the ruling Zanu PF against terrorizing opposition supporters in the rural areas.

He said the opposition party can not standby and watch whilst their supporters continue being brutalized, denied government inputs and treated as if they are not Zimbabweans.

Chibaya’s warning comes at a time when one of the leading opposition figure in Chirumhanzu South constituency Patrick Cheza has been dragged to court for alleged political violence.

 The CCC party has however said all the charges against Cheza and other opposition figures are trumped up to intimidate it’s supporters in rural areas.

Chibaya who made the remarks on behalf of CCC leader Nelson Chamisa at a thank you rally in Chirumhanzu South constituency said Zanu PF should stop patronizing Zimbabweans.

“I heard that people have been denied government inputs and others are being victimized as well as forcibly evicted from the irrigation schemes because they are CCC supporters.

“Zanu PF must know that those irrigation schemes do not have a political tag, but are for the local communities, hence you should resist any machinations to remove you from those community gardens or irrigation schemes because you are Zimbabweans,” he said amid ululations from the elderly supporters who thronged the Cheza residents for the thank you celebrations.

Chibaya who was recently recalled by the “self imposed”  CCC secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu urged opposition supporters to be resilient and rally behind their leader Chamisa.

“Be resilient and not to be intimidated because change is coming,” said Chibaya without elaborating how the party will achieve it’s goals in the shadows of tried and tested cunning ruling party.

Meanwhile, Cheza told CCC supporters to remain vigilant and liberate themselves from the yoke of Zanu PF.

The firebrand politician who has been victimized and threatened with eviction from his farm said the CCC supporters should “remain consistent and make inroads in the ruling party territories”.

He paid tribute to the “traditional leaders for not being cowed into Zanu PF party politics,” but remain people servants despite their subjects’ political affiliations.

Cheza insisted that Zanu PF rigged the Chirumhanzu South constituency which was fiercely contested in the history of Chirumhanzu.

The controversial Tourism Minister, Barbra Rwodzi was declared duly elected legislature for the constituency by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

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