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Cheeky nephew (26) forces self on sleeping aunt (17)


CHIREDZI- Zephenia Muzenda (26) from Shumbanje Village under Chief Ndanga in Zaka appeared before Chiredzi Regional Magistrate, Judith Zuyu for raping his 17 year aunt.

Muzenda is being charged with Contravening Section (65) 1 of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act Chapter 9:23, “Rape”.

It is the state case that on the 18th of August 2023 around 9pm, Muzenda arrived at his niece’s homestead in company of the aunt’s brother and entered the kitchen hut where she was asleep together with her sisters and the two started drinking their beer sitting on the bench.

After a while the brother left Muzenda and went to sleep in his room, Muzenda remained in the kitchen watching videos with one of the aunt’s sister until she fell asleep too.

At around 3am on the following day, Muzenda sneaked into her aunt’s blankets while she was fast asleep and had unprotected sexual intercourse with her without her consent.

During the act she woke up and saw Muzenda on top of her. When the accused realized that his victim was now awake he went to the kitchen door, at that instance she awakened her sister and told her that Muzenda had raped her.

She further went on to tell their brother in the next room that she had been raped and the brother escorted her to the police where a report was made.

The accused was remanded in custody while investigations are still in progress.

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