Chadzamira meets Masvingo Junior Cabinet

-as Beans is appointed Junior VP


MASVINGO – Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Ezra Chadzamira met with the Junior Cabinet members and MPs from the Province at his offices today.

Student MPs from Masvingo Province excelled in the debate competitions at national level and for their efforts they were rewarded with a sizable number of cabinet posts.

The debates were based on the topic entitled “Rights of the children in the digital environment”.

The Province got the powerful post of Junior Vice President and also the Minister of Health and Child Care, Theopheilus Beans from Zimuto High School under Masvingo West constituency.

“We went for a debate last month running with the topic of Rights of children in the digital environment and we performed exceptionally well and landed several top ministerial posts as compared with the previous years and I hope we are going to use the opportunity to be the voice of the youths and students across Masvingo Province,” Beans told The Midweek Watch in an interview on the sidelines of the engagement with Minister Chadzamira.

Masvingo also got the post of Junior Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology which is held by Nyasha Taonezvi from Serima High School under Gutu West Constituency, Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement is Blessings Mudamburi from St Anthony’s under Zaka Central Constituency.

There is also the Deputy Minister for Transport and Infrastructural Development who is Charles Zimunhu from Lundi High School under Mwenezi North Constituency, Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce is Es Chauke from Gutu High representing Gutu Central, Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs and Devolution is Merjury Mazoroodze from Masvingo Christian College representing Masvingo Urban Constituency and Emily Sengai representing Gutu Central was appointed the Clerk of Senate.  

Minister Chadzamira congratulated the students and challenged them to work hand in hand with the senior cabinet ministers so they share and compare notes on their requirements and expectations from their senior counterparts.

“I congratulate you all for making it in the junior cabinet and I encourage you to work hand in hand with the senior cabinet ministers so that you engage them on projects and issues that needs to be addressed in various sectors for the youths and students who are still in school,” said Chadzamira.

“This office is open to you every time you need advice and assistance so that when you go to your meetings as the junior cabinet you know exactly what you will be saying especially representing the province in a progressive way,” said the soft spoken Minister.

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