CCC now toxic -as Chamisa ally Chinoputsa quits politics

-conflict-preneurs advising Chamisa

Longtime Chamisa ally, Lovemore Chinoputsa, has quit politics and penned a strongly-worded six-page resignation letter in which he blasts former CCC President, labelling him a gospel-backed dictator.

Chinoputsa, a well-respected opposition activist from his time at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) to his role in the MDC and CCC, said his decision had been necessitated by a clear loss of direction of the opposition and unnamed voices misdirecting Chamisa.

After months of bickering and power struggles, Chamisa’s unexpected resignation threw CCC into turmoil in January.

The turmoil, according to Chinoputsa, resulted from Chamisa’s ‘strategic ambiguity’ policy and people he described as ‘conflict-preneurs’ whose only source of authority and power was derived from whispering names of those perceived to be colluding against him.

“It is a given fact that there are many conflict-preneurs who are amongst the opposition contingent who have seized every opportunity to malign and alienate others from the project,” said Chinoputsa.

“These pseudo-revolutionaries feed into the fears of the Leader to constantly whisper into his ears that there are people who want to wrestle leadership from him.

“Their end game cannot be understood, their motives cannot be understood, their handlers remain a mystery and I suspect that they are strategically positioned around the leader to ensure that he is in constant fear of a non-existent threat.

There are many well-meaning individuals in the opposition that I know who would want to see this happening. They wait for the day when sanity will be restored.

s“They are waiting for the day when everyone will accept that the strategic ambiguity era is over, that the strategic ambiguity as a political strategy had more weaknesses than benefits. Leadership entails owning up and accepting that things did not go the way we expected.”

0 Chinoputsa, who decried self-styled CCC Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu’s decision to dismantle the opposition through unexplained Parliamentary recalls, said factions in the party had made it difficult for any well-meaning person to work.

Tshabangu withdrew CCC MPs in an unfashionable move that gifted Zanu PF a two thirds majority in the Parliament’s Lower House; one of the first steps to a much-feared amendment of the constitution to allow President Mnangagwa a third term.

After unsuccessfully fighting in the courts for control of his CCC and disregarding his letters to Parliament and the Local Government Ministry, Chamisa decided to let go.

Added Chinoputsa: “I am convinced beyond doubt that we have digressed from the aspirations of late President (Morgan) Tsvangirai who sought to create a democratic vehicle to fight the excesses of the ruling Zanu PF.

“This toxicity and hatred amongst colleagues left many of us who cannot be cajoled into perennial in-house fighting with no home, the jostling that had become the order of the day has inevitably brought two main factions where you either swallow hook line, and sinker the machinations of the ever scheming boys and girls who I call the ‘See No Evil and Hear No Evil Brigade and remain committed to centralising decision making in one individual or you had to be on the other side with a grouping of people who will do anything to ensure that they take down the leader by any means necessary even if it means colluding with the evil Zanu PF Regime.

“The toxicity coming from all the factions is sickening and energy-draining. These champions of mudslinging continue to make it difficult for individuals who cherish shared responsibilities, values justice fairness, equity, and meaningful solidarity with nowhere to belong to.

“The efforts of Tsvangirai have surely gone to waste with the way the opposition is being run in this country.”

Analysts and some members of the CCC argue that the party was destroyed by Chamisa’s decision to centralise power and responsibilities in his office.

Chinoputsa said he would revert to being a private citizen and would not be taking any part in opposition politics.

“I have decided to with immediate effect disassociate with partisan politics, by quitting politics and moving away from the toxic politics of the day.

“I retreat into being a private citizen who will have nothing to do with the politics of the day. I will take this time to reconnect with my family and spend more time together as I compensate for the time lost over the years,” he said. Harare Live.

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