Canadian University honors Bishop Dr. Mahwende

Nyashadzaishe Rushwaya.

GWERU-One of the most outstanding servants of God in the country, Bishop Dr. George P. Mahwende who is based in the Midlands Provincial capital, Gweru has been honored by a Canadian based university.

Bishop Mahwende was awarded the prestigious Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity by the Canada based Gospel of Christ Ministerial College in conjunction with Carmel Bible Institute on December 2 this year.

The colourful ceremony was held at a local church and was attended by several pastors from different congregations and denominations, friends, relatives and colleagues.

He was honored for his sterling contribution to the preaching of the word of God from as far back as 1965 and being the founder of Living for Christ Ministries, which is one of the biggest churches in Gweru.

The word of God has taken Bishop Mahwende to as far as Nigeria, Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya, Europe and the Americas just to mention a few

Bishop Dr. Mahwende’s contributions to his community and the church are significant and commendable as he has transformed many lives through the word of God.

  In addition to his pastoral work, Bishop Dr. Mahwende has been involved in various community initiatives, including philanthropism and outreach programs. His legacy as a faith leader is one of compassion, service, and dedication to the well-being of others. Bishop Mahwende’s commitment to the Christian faith is evident in all that he does.

Bishop Dr. George Mahwende’s educational background is extensive and varied, demonstrating his lifelong commitment to learning and growth. In addition to his advanced diploma in pastoral leadership, he has also completed a variety of other programs, including a certificate in leadership training, a diploma in biblical studies, and a certificate in church planting.

These qualifications have no doubt helped him become the effective and dedicated faith leader he is today.

His influence has extended far beyond his own city, reaching nations across Africa and beyond. He is truly a global leader and a shining example of faith in action.

Bishop Dr. Mahwende who is based in Gweru was born in 1936 and is blessed with seven children. Bishop is Based in Gweru.

 In his pastoral  journey  he went through many positions which includes being the chairman of the Evangelical Fellowship Of Zimbabwe (EFZ),cChairman of the Mkoba Ministers Fraternal, the chairman of Gweru Destiny Of Africa Network.

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