Building a powerful African society for all Africans of the world


Development is not when you chase someone’s path. It is more about examining the problems in your society and designing solutions to addressing them based on your capabilities.

The Governments in Africa should bring into the African society, a culture of true development to ensure that the energies and ingenuities in the African people are harnessed to lead the African development agenda. We should make sure that the African people go through a process of attitudinal reconstruction to rid the African society of selfishness, corruption, and destructive mindsets.

The Governments in Africa should prepare the African and make him fit to champion her own development. We should not go to China, Europe, or America to buy development like commodities in boxes and present to the African people. Where we lack the needed skills and technical know-how, we should seek external assistance with the agreement that these experts will transfer the needed skills into our society and in our people.

With our development path, no African youth should become unemployed because your energy, skills, and commitment should be the bedrock of Africa’s development.

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