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Buhera joins nation in anti-sanctions march


BUHERA – Buhera District joined other Zimbabweans in protesting against sanctions imposed by Western countries and the United States of America.

The masses which included government stakeholders, the business community, Zanu PF party officials, vendors, war veterans and youths marched from the Chani turn-off to BSPZ Hall where they gathered for public addresses.

Buhera District Development Coordinator, Freeman Mavhiza joined hands in denouncing sanctions that are causing untold suffering on the general populace.

“Let’s all stand up and say sanctions must fall,” said Mavhiza.

Standing in for Buhera Rural District Council, Ishmael Jachi also urged the marchers to call for the removal of sanctions on a daily basis as their effect is felt everyday.

“Let us call for the removal of sanctions in everyday attempts. They affect us on a daily basis not on 25 October only,

“They are affecting us today, and they will affect the coming generations,” said Jachi.

The march was coordinated by the DDC’s office.

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