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Breaking! Mutendi Primary in students abuse scandal

Students abuse rife at ZCC run Mutendi Primary

An audio has leaked where a concerned teacher narrates how students from Masvingo Teachers College are allegedly being abused by a senior teacher at Zion Christian Church run Mutendi Primary School.

The senior teachers’ actions are not clearly chronicled in the audio which is in the possession of The Midweek Watch but, there is mention of rampant abuse which has led to an exodus of the student teachers from the primary school.

The concerned teacher is worried that Bishop Mutendi may get to know about it and there would be serious consequences.

He goes to say that the senior teacher has since been replaced by a Mai Mutendi and he further says if he had known about it earlier he would have taken any action.

The teacher says he is worried that he would be perceived as an accomplice by other students who left the primary school in protest over abuse and nothing was done.

In the audio, the teacher goes on to apologise to the girls as they thought he was not serious about the abuse they were undergoing.

“We can report the case to the DSI or Church authorities and he can be arrested or fired, I want you to wait a bit because if Mutendi gets to know about this tinopera tose,” says the man in the audio.

ZCC runs a number of top boarding schools across the country which have produced some of the best technocrats and lawyers in the country.

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