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Breaking! MSU senior lecturer, Richard Duve has died


GWERU-Former senior officer in the respectable Air Force of Zimbabwe and lecturer at the Midlands State University, Richard Duve has died.

He died at Gweru Provincial Hospital on Wednesday (today) at around 7pm, his elder brother, veteran lawyer Canaan Duve confirmed the sad news to The Midweek Watch.

He suffered multiple strokes before his demise and was admitted in the ICU for more than five days.

“Rich my beloved brother has joined the Lord. It happened at 19:10 pm. Thank you all for your support both spiritually and materially. May his soul rest in peace. Will keep you informed of developments. Rgds Canaan,” posted Canaan Duve in a family group.

Richard Duve was at one time the acting Pro Vice Chancellor of MSU and was a senior lecturer in the Marketing Department.

“He was a tough character who wanted things done to the book, but at the same time very loving man who popular in family circles for his nimble footed Ndombolo dance routines at every function.

“He rescued me when I was contemplating giving up urban life in Gweru in the 1990s due to hardships and he took me in until I completed my tertiary education.

“We have lost a good muzukuru who was always there for everyone, go well mwana wavaTete Mai Duve,” said Aleck Mukungunugwa a longtime friend and uncle to the late Richard Duve.

“Richard was a close brother to me, chokwadi pandanzwa kuti vashayika ndatadza kubeliever because tanga tichifunga kuti se family kuchema kwedu Mwari vachatinzwa but hapana zvatingaite ndinoti R.I.P my brother, you did your best while you were alive,” said Jimayi Muduvuri, Kadoma based businessman and brother to the late Richard.

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