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Breaking! Grayham booted out of ZIFA ERSL Division 1

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ZIFA Eastern Region Soccer League has booted out Grayham FC form Division for failing to pay US$4 000 fine imposed by the disciplinary committee for fielding an unregistered player last year which also resulted in the team being docked 3 points.

ZIFA disciplinary committee had given the team 14 days to pay the fine or face the chop and the ERSL was left with no choice except to boot the team out as they showed no sign of wanting to pay despite getting ample time to do so.

When contacted for a comment the team’s owner, Gray Hama said he was hearing the matter for the first time and has no comment to make.

The unregistered player whom they fielded in the final match against Bikita Minerals, Calvin Tinashe Chiwere was also slapped with a US$500 fine and given 60 days to pay.

If he fails to pay the fine he will be suspended from playing football or conducting any football related activities for the next six months

In a letter to the team ERSL administrator, Fungai Munyoro Chingaira said her office has been left with no option but to kick out the football club after failing to meet the disciplinary committee requirements.

“We hereby advise that you have been relegated from Eastern Region Soccer League with immediate effect as a result of your failure to comply with the ruling of the Disciplinary Committee dated March 18, 2024.

“The Region has no choice but to follow recommendations from the Disciplinary Committee’s Ruling,” wrote Chingaira.

She said the team had been given ample time to pay the fine but had failed to do so.

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