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Brave Chipinge female money changer disarms 3 robbers


CHIPINGE-In a move that has left the residents of the eastern town of Chipinge tongue tied, a well known female money changer fought three armed robbers who had entered her bedroom and took away their loaded pistol as they fled for their lives.

The brave woman with the assistance of her three children and a 16 year old maid fought off three robbers in balaclavas armed with a Llama pistol loaded with 4 rounds of bullets in a movie style action on Friday evening last week.

Two of the armed robbers were later arrested in Chipinge on June 30, 2024 and they admitted to committing the attempted robbery and many other cases in the farming town.

Armed robber wearing a balaclava.

Manicaland Province ZRP acting spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka told The Midweek Watch that on Friday last week at around 6:30pm, a well known female money changer in Chipinge town, Irene Samupindu (34) from Gaza A parked her vehicle at her residence for about 10 minutes.

Samupindu, who keeps large sums of money according to the police, then entered her bedroom and suddenly an armed robber entered her house and pointed a Llama pistol at her 16 year old maid and asked her to show him the bedroom of her boss.

Immediately two other robbers wearing balaclavas appeared and force marched the complainant’s three children to their mother’s bedroom.

Samupindu started fighting the armed robber and with the aid of her equally brave children overpowered the robbers and took away their loaded pistol as they sped off for their dear lives leaving behind their weapon of trade and one balaclava, which were recovered by the police as a report was made immediately through the phone.

Meanwhile, Chinyoka said the police intelligence unit has swooped on two of the armed robbers, Last Garikai (40) aka Musvetu of 1249 Gaza O, Chipinge and Farai Mangwayana (28) of no fixed aboard.

The duo is assisting the CID with investigations as they admitted to three other cases of robbery in Chipinge that happened in June. Nothing has been recovered so far, said Chinyoka.

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