Bogus driving schools put on notice

Martin Muleya

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development has expressed concern over the rising number of unlicensed driving instructors and unregistered driving schools.

Addressing driving school owners in Manicaland over the weekend, during a two day Corporate Governance Oversight Meeting, the Chief Director of Road Safety in the Ministry of Transport, Loveness Masuka Dumwa indicated that the meeting was meant to check compliance levels in order to bring sanity in the sector.

“Bogus driving schools are all over and this is the reason we are failing to eradicate corruption which is contributing to road carnage.

 “Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) is encouraged to publish continuously an updated list of registered driving schools to the public. The ministry encourages TSCZ to consider making it mandatory for all driving schools to belong to a national association of choice as a way to help in self policing and self regulating,” said Dumwa.

She also urged the Vehicle Inspectoration Department (VID) to set test questions that are aligned to the current Highway Code.

Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe Managing Director, Munesu Munodawafa.

Dumwa also decreed that all driving schools that fail to meet regulatory requirements should not get a certificate of fitness for their vehicles.

She added taht compliant driving schools should have an office measuring not less than fourteen square metres, driving school vehicle certificate of fitness, dual braking system, dual internal rearview mirrors, compliant with Statutory Instrument (SI) 309 of 1985 and a certified instructor.

TSCZ managing director Munesu Munodawafa hinted that his organisation will now publish names of driving schools that are compliant with the new regulations periodically as a way of improving compliance and quality of drivers.

“If your company’s name is not on the list of compliant driving schools then VID should not allow you to come through and have your car used for purposes of driver’s learning licences because there will be a sign that you are not compliant.

“We have since agreed with VID that all driving schools’ instructors must wear badges with their names as long as they are within the premises of VID. We want to get rid of the aspect of touts and other go-betweens who try to facilitate other things which we do not want to promote in our society,” said the TSCZ boss.

Munodawafa emphasized that going onwards it is no longer business as usual as his organisation will not entertain a driving school operating under a tree or a make-shift property.

Driving schools across the country are now mandated to have a classroom for oral classes and learner’s liability insurance.

“A vehicle must be insured with a learner’s liability insurance because when somebody is learning it is acknowledged that they are not fully licensed and if they do not have a learner’s liability insurance it means if that learner is involved in accident it is not covered. We are going to enforce these things in a big way going forward,” added Munodawafa.

Manicaland province recorded ninety one percent compliant of driving schools.

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