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The Lord blesses us to be a blessing to others, and if you do not get that principle in life, half the time people will talk about your wealth or blessings in past tense.

You are blessed to be a blessing to others. That’s a hopeful, encouraging truth to remember. In a world that urges you to just look out for yourself, find ways to be radically generous to the people God has placed in your life.

God doesn’t just give you resources for your own enjoyment but to make a difference in the world around you. God never blesses you just enjoy the wealth on your own.

He blesses you so you can bless others. Here are four things you need to remember as you use your blessings as God intended. Your blessings should flow to others. “Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand” (Philippians 2:4).

This is the first law of blessing: It must flow outwardly. How do you bless others? By meeting a need, whether it is for physical or emotional support, financial help, or practical advice.

When you bless others, God takes care of your needs. Luke18:29-30 says, “I can guarantee this truth: Anyone who gave up his home, wife, brothers, parents, or children because of God’s Kingdom will certainly receive many times as much in this life and will receive eternal life in the world to come” 

When you focus on helping other people, God assumes responsibility of your problems. And that’s a real blessing, because he’s much better at handling your difficulties than you. Your blessings to others will come back to you.

 In my twenties I used to be a giver, I always went out of my way to make sure that everyone in my family and around me was fairly comfortable. Till I fell on hard times and money was no longer flowing as usual.

I remember one of my little sisters shouting at me for not being able to pay her school fees. This made me change completely I started not caring about anyone or anything   till I read and understood the above scriptures.

From that time, I now see my own life flowing after letting that event pass.

   So, in this journey I learned that it might not just be the money that people need, but one can be lifted with just words of encouragement.

It’s not a secret that the words we speak can either bring someone down or lift them up. Sometimes we might say some unkind words or positive, but fail to uplift the other person.

 Secondly, share your bounty with someone, every season some receive blessings in abundance, like a big harvest from your garden or an unexpected bonus. Share it and be a blessing to others. You never know what difference it makes to the next person.

Forgive and give grace, in addition to all these other blessings, you can be a blessing to others by simply forgiving them.

Give them the same grace your heavenly father gives you, we need to show mercy to each other.

Pray with them or for them, you might be amazed at how many people truly appreciate being prayed for. Even those who are not Christians, who may not believe in the power of prayer.

In summary, encourage, help, give, listen, teach, and forgive. No matter what resources we have for sharing, there is always something we can do to be a blessing. Let’s go do it, more and more, every day!

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