Bikita Minerals to sponsor Bikita Rovers

-changes name to Bikita Minerals B


BIKITA-ZIFA Masvingo Province Division 2 champions, Bikita Rovers FC have secured the much needed sponsorship as they navigate into second tier of Zimbabwean football.

The biggest lithium miner in the country, Sinomine Bikita Minerals Pvt Ltd has committed to sponsor Bikita Rovers on condition that they change the name of the team to Bikita Mineral B as they intend to turn it into a feeder team for the Bikita Minerals FC which has been promoted into the Premiership.

Bikita Mineral B chairperson Alfonsi Chikozho confirmed the new developments to The Midweek Watch when he visited our offices.

“We are very excited that we have secured sponsorship from Bikita Minerals, they said they will sponsor everything including hiring of a qualified coach and paying for the services.

“They also said they will use the team to groom players for the Premier League team, Bikita Minerals FC,” said Chikozho.

Bikita Minerals B will be plying their trade in the ZIFA Eastern Region Soccer League this year after gaining promotion by virtue of winning the provincial league last year.

Before they dream of playing in the ERSL, the team has to clear one hurdle, they have not been formerly registered as part of the league as they are said to have not participated in the mandatory induction workshop which was held recently at Flamboyant Hotel in Masvingo.

Chikozho said he was supposed to attend the induction, but had urgent commitments in Harare and he assigned somebody who attended as Nyika FC.

Chikozho said he is confident that the ESRL board will accept their apology and formerly affiliate them even if it means paying a fine.

He also said they are more than ready to play in Division One as they have a pool of talented players from the sprawling Nyika Growth Point.

The ERSL vice chairman, Wisdom Simba said they have gone past the induction stage and they only know Nyika and not Bikita Rovers although they give preference to directly promote clubs.

“The purpose of conducting an induction workshop is mainly to gauge the capability and preparedness of the club to lat the distance in the league and if Bikita Minerals B did not attend the workshop, they are not part of our family, that chapter is closed,” said Simba.

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