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 Bikita councillors get suit each for 10 years service


BIKITA-Councillors who served Bikita Rural District Council (RDC) for more than more than ten years are set to receive a suit each as a token of appreciation.

The matter was discussed in yesterday’s full Council meeting in which some councillors who are either retired or faltered in their party primary elections bade farewell to the RDC.

Some councillors however, complained that giving jacket and a pair of trousers only for a person who has served the Council for fifteen years is a mockery.

The councillors said Council should also include a shirt, a pair of shoes and a tie to make the costume complete.

Bikita RDC chairperson, Benjamin Masakadze told The Midweek Watch that Council will look into the matter and ensure that long serving councillors get something ‘tangible’ when they leave office.

He said the resolution to award long serving councillors with suits was passed by the previous Council.

“The resolution to award long serving councillors with suits was passed by the previous Council. However, we resolved that it is not enough and we will ensure that they get something ‘tangible’,” said Masakadze.

Bikita Residents and Ratepayers Association (BIRRA) acting spokesperson, Luckson Mukomondera said giving a trousers and a jacket to a councillor who served the local authority for 10 years and above is a mockery.

He said council officials buy themselves luxurious cars which they take home when they retire together with a grandeur allowance yet advance a jacket and a pair of trousers to elected officials.

He said underpaying councillors has an indirect impact to service delivery as lack of motivation will make people who have the necessary supervisory skills and capabilities shun the posts.

“Giving long serving councillors a jacket and a pair of trousers as a token of appreciation is crude mockery. Whereas Council officials get a car and big retirement packages,  our councillors are given this insult,”

“It is Government policy to pay councillors allowances and a sensible administration also has to find better ways of thanking long serving councillors,” said Mukomondera.

He however said such resolutions must be done in consultation with residents as they are the key stakeholders.

He said his organisation is focused on lobbying and advocacy for quality service delivery on behalf of Bikita residents.

Other residents suggested that there should be a standing policy on how to reward long serving councillors when they retire, like being given Alderman status for so many stipulated years. The policy should be approved by residents and the responsible Ministry so that it will not be abused by jealousy officials used on partisan lines.

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