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Berwick Farm worker bumps into human remains


GWERU-Police in Gweru is appealing for information that might help in the investigations of a case of discovery of human remains.

The remains were discovered at Berwick Farm, on the outskirts of Gweru last week on 9 October 2023 around 1200 hours.

An employee at the farm discovered the remains and informed his employer who in turn reported the matter to the police.

Police attended the scene and discovered that the body was already in its decomposing state, only clothes covering the bones remained.  

The clothes, which were still intact were black trousers, a black jacket, a blue shirt, a brown belt and a pair of black shoes.

Upon searching the deceased clothes, the police found a Zimbabwean Identity document belonging to one Vurawa Casian Kufakunesu NR 08- 171399 E77 of Takaedza Village Chief Chirumhanzu born on 19 June 1960.

The remains have since been taken to Gweru Provincial Hospital pending post-mortem.

Midlands Provincial Police Spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko is appealing for information regarding the death of the now deceased.

“We appeal for information to establish the full circumstances leading to the man’s demise. Any relatives who might have a missing male relative are encouraged to visit their nearest police station,” he added.

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