Assets that make people rich

Financial freedom, passive income, and positive cash flow are the holy grails of personal finance and investing.

Achieving these milestones can mean the difference between a life tied to a 9-5 job and a life free to pursue your passions and interests.

Imagine a life where your assets work for you, generating enough income to cover not just your necessities but also your wants.

From traditional investments like real estate and stocks to more unconventional avenues like intellectual property, each asset class offers unique opportunities for wealth creation and long term financial stability.

In this article, we’ll delve into eight types of assets that can help you reach these financial goals.

What are the three steps of wealth?


Cash Flow

The net amount of money moving in and out of your accounts. Positive cash flow means earning more than you’re spending, which is critical for investment and personal finance.


Passive Income

Money earned with little to no effort, often from investments like stocks, real estate, cash flowing assets, or businesses that don’t require your daily involvement.


Financial Freedom

The point where your assets generate enough income to cover your living expenses. You’re not tied to a 8-5 job and can pursue what you’re passionate about.

Eight assets that are making people financially free:


Real Estate

Rental properties for steady income.



Long term growth and potential dividends.



Regular interest payments, lower risk.


Business Ownership

Income and value appreciation.


Intellectual Property

Royalties from patents, copyrights, etc.


Private Equity

High returns from private companies.


Dividend Stocks

Regular income through dividends.


Cash Flowing Assets

Any asset that generates more income than it costs to hold, like vending machines or websites with ad revenue.

Building a diversified portfolio of these eight types of assets can set you on the path to financial freedom, passive income, and positive cash flow. Each asset class comes with its risks and rewards, so it’s crucial to research and consult with a financial advisor to determine the best strategy for your individual needs.

By Steve Burns

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