Arms cache at Zim-Bots border

TONDERAI SAHARO recently in Plumtree.

An arms cache has been unearthed in the remote Maitengwe,  Madlembuzi communal areas in Plumtree which borders Zimbabwe and Botswana with authorities now seeking experts’ intervention to conduct a specialised search of the area.

In an internal police memo gleaned by The Midweek Watch under RRB number 5194663, and addressed to the Officer commanding Bulilamangwe District, the ZRP officials manning the Maitengwe Border Post suspect that the discovery of three SKS rifles in the area by a 71 year old villager might be just a tip of an iceberg as they suspect there may be more arms and ammunition hidden in the area.

Stephen Nleya of Tshilukutu Village discovered the three rifles in his fields, wrapped in  a plastic bag hidden under his fields on 19 January 2024.

 Police said the villager had been practising farming on his fields since 1989 using ox or donkey drown ploughs and only started using a tractor last year.

“On 19 Januray 2024 around 1300hrs whilst he was weeding his fields he found a long hidden striped rifle.

“He reported that he hit a metal object which was under ground and he realised that it was an SKS rifle barrel with a bayonet wrapped in a 20kg mealie meal plastic bag.

“He then went on to report the matter to Maitengwe police border post,” reads part of the memo.

When the police details went to investigate two more stripped SKS rifles were discovered hidden underground with working parts wrapped separately at the same spot with three empty magazines.

The police in the border area are now requesting for experts to conduct a search of the entire area for a possible arms cache which might have been used during Zimbabwe’s war of liberation.

“There is a need for more services of experts with adequate equipment to search the whole area,” said the police.

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