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Another version of “Gumbura” emerges In Masvingo

-proposes to kill baby to boost church attendances


In a script that resembles an opera movie, another Gumbura has emerged in Masvingo, surpassing the late End Time Messages leader who is said to have bedded over 100 women from his church before he was arrested.

The ex-military alleged conman cum prophet, Aaron Rushiri (35), has been on the prowl, allegedly sleeping around with women who would have come to seek divine deliverance, breaking their marriages and squandering their hard earned wealth in the process.

The man of ‘cloth’, nicknamed Commando 1 or Militant has made it so difficult for mostly married women to find a place of worship in the ancient city as they face being ravaged through spiritual.

Commando 1 runs a congregation called Victorious Christian Gathering situated at the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) complex in Masvingo Central Business District (CBD).

From the time the church was established it is alleged Commando 1 has bedded more than 120 women and wrecking their marriages in the process.

“This year alone more than 40 married women have accused Rushiri of having sex with them and destroying their marriages” one of the victims who has since left the church confessed.

One of the women who has been conned by Commando 1, Tapiwa Dongo (25) (pictured breastfeeding) and has two children from her previous marriage told her story to The Midweek Watch on how she ended her marriage with her wedded husband, Farai Musekiwa(32) after the prophet had told her that her ex-husband was into cults.

“I met this ‘pastor’ in 2020 when COVID-19 was at its peak and since we were not allowed to go to churches, I joined a prayer WhatsApp group that I was introduced to by a close friend and soon after that we were attending his prayer sessions with my whole family including my husband”, said Dongo.

“When we became regulars at his church, he told me that my husband was using juju to make money and that he was not my ideal husband. He advised me to divorce him as soon as possible if I wanted to save my children and myself”.

Dongo revealed that they had a family business and they had even given out their Fun Cargo to Commando 1 to use for church errands. Dongo was an entrepreneur on her own right as she was running a thriving second hand shoes shop.

All that is gone after Commando1 allegedly persuaded her to sell his car and give her all her savings.

“We mysteriously sold our car to him so that he can use it for the church business and that’s when I started dating the prophet and I believe he used his juju on me because I can’t narrate how we started dating and how we went about it”.

“I got pregnant with the prophet’s child and gave birth a year ago but he is no longer taking care of his child.

“He is not paying rentals, but I am his second wife since he paid $800 lobola to my parents.

“Since his finances started to go south, he confiscated my educational certificates in Primary Care Nursing so that I do not get employed and remain depended on him,” said Dongo.

She also told this publication that Commando allegedly suggested that they kill their son for ritual purposes and whenever the son falls sick he says she should not seek treatment for him and allow him to die.

Dongo said she has since reported the case of confiscated certificates and the ritual matter to the CID however, she says the case dragging.

“I reported the cases to the CID Police, but they said there is no evidence that he wanted to kill his son so it is very difficult to investigate or open a docket,” said Dongo who hails from Sadza Growth Point in Mash East Province.

Masvingo based lawyer, Tatenda Nyoka said it is possible to open a docket for the alleged intention to kill the baby.

“It is possible for the Police to open a docket against the father of the child, it is called intention to commit a crime or incomplete crime, she should go back to the Police and insist on prosecution.

“As for her certificates, it is straightforward theft and she should not have any difficulties in having him arrested for the crime,” said Nyoka.  

When contacted about the matter today, Masvingo District Police Commander, Chief Superintendent, Simangaliso Dube said Dongo should approach Detective Chief Inspector Hazvinei Jindu of the CID for assistance.

“The reason I came for publicity is that I am looking for closure on this abuse that I am going through as well as to help other innocent women who are falling prey to this conman who calls himself a prophet.

“There are a lot of women whom I know who were involved with this man and he targets those that have money so that he benefits from them and leaves them stranded like me,” said a distraught Dongo.

It is alleged that Rushiri performs fake miracles and has many girlfriends and ushers that give him personal details about congregants and then claim it’s prophecy.

Dongo also told this publication that Commando 1 allegedly uses voodoo powers and some python oil to con people and get his way out of trouble with the law.

Efforts to get a comment from Commando were fruitless as the cell number provided was not reachable until the time of posting the story.

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