Another Mucheke girl (15) takes own life over love affairs

-friends advised her on how to kill herself

MASVINGO CITY-The Mucheke community in Masvingo City was plunged into mourning as another girl (15) killed herself after her mother beat her up for engaging in love affairs.

Her mother, Juliana Ngomanyoni told The Midweek Watch that her daughter, Taliseni Ngomanyoni who was doing form 3 at Mucheke High School was caught by her brother scrolling love messages from boyfriends on her cellphone and he warned her against doing that.

Taliseni is said to have taken a kitchen knife and proceeded into the toilet attempting to kill herself, but the mother intervened and beat her up.

“I beat her up and told her to stop such habits as it was taboo. She then went to school without any incident. I also went to the school as I wanted to find out her behaviour so that I could pay school fees.

“I was told that she used to be very brilliant, but of late she had deteriorated. I told them that she wanted to kill herself and they counselled her.

“I was told that she asked her friends on how one can quickly take own life and they advised her to drink rat poison,” said her distraught mother.

Parents in most WhatsApp groups in Masvingo expressed shock over the incident which comes soon after another one involving a Victoria High School form 3 girl in similar circumstances.

“Last night a student at a certain school in Masvingo passed away at a certain pvt hospital after taking a pill remakonzo the story behind this hanzi amai vakamutsiura nyaya yefoni 🤷🏼‍♀️. Todiiko sevabereki,” posted one parent in pone of The Midweek groups.

Bishop Charles Josiya of the Alliance Church in Zimbabwe said, children are now taking in drugs and one thing leads to another as they end up indulging in sexual relationships.

Bishop Josiya also said society has a role to stop the unfortunate situation that the children find themselves in.

“We all have a role to play, the parents should monitor their children’s friends, they should have time with their children and discuss anything with them.

“The Church should also play its role by engaging in programs that promote good behaviour and the teachers should also monitor the bahviour of pupils and quickly report any suspicious actions,” he said.

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