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Anglican top brass up for swindling new learners


Anglican Church Manicaland Diocese, Bishop Eric Ruwona has appeared in court together with three other pastors for violating the Education Act where they charged fees outside the agreed amounts.

The four, including St Faith High School head are being accused of charging an extra amount of US$500 on top of the normal school fees for those who need places at the Anglican Church run learning institutions in Manicaland Province, thereby violating the Education Act.

It is alleged that Bishop Ruwona instructed school principals of Anglican schools which include St Augustine High School, St Mary’s High School in Nyanga, St Mathias Tsonzo, St David’s Bonda and St Faith’s High school to collect a levy termed ‘Mission Fund’ before enrolling new comers without the approval of the Permanent Secretary of Primary and Secondary Education.

It is further alleged that in 2021 the above named Anglican schools instructed parents to pay a fee of  US$500 church fund for form one students and US$750 for lower six students before paying the actual school fees.

Manicaland Provincial Education Director, Edward Shumba is the complainant in the case.

Shumba says charging students extra money without the approval of the Education Perm Sec is a violation of Section 21 of the Education Act therefore an offense.

One of the school heads states in his warned and cautioned statement that every student was required to pay an amount of $500 before paying the actual school fees.

The matter was brought to light when some of the parents started complaining

To the Ministry of Education officials leading to dispatch of district schools inspectors for investigations.

After the investigations the matter was reported to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission leading to the arrest of the five accused.

More details to follow…

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