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Brahman to Brahman Theory

As Zimbabwe has entered into its second decade of punishment by the U.S and Europe; who is feeling the heat,? the ordinary Zimbabwean is on the receiving end.

Service delivery in hospitals around the country has collapsed.

And the Zimbabwean government is taking all the flake of failing to retool these institutions. And some clever blacks always point out that the country is not under sanctions because it receives a lot of USAID and only its corrupt recipients divert the money somewhere.

That cannot be argued as we have noticed at the Covid-gate scandal. Unknown companies were forwarding invoices to the Ministry of Health with gargantuan figures that did not tally with the product quality and quantity.

 Yes, corruption in Zimbabwe needs Cde Xi Jinping to curb it, otherwise it is now institutionalized in every facet of the Zimbabwean landscape.

Some argue that with better salaries offered to employees it will subsidize, but the writer thinks it is now entrenched to the bone ( chakabaya chikatyokera ).

 Even the well paid civil servants south of the Limpopo, despite getting fat cheques every month- end, they are deeply corrupt. Corruption is a system that also exists in developed countries.

 Hunter Biden is visiting the American courts to answer charges of corruption. Unfortunately, the African corruption is given much publicity and amplified.

 Anyway, how can we get carte’ blanche from the system, the answer lies in copying and pasting Cde Xi’ s modus operandi.

Africa is endowed with every rare earth mineral, the global north is looking for. So why is Africa is lagging behind in development is something that disturbs some of us.

The two theories which are imperialism and colonialism are still dragging Africa back to the 17th century.  Imperialism was used to suffocate and sniff out Africa in 1884 and colonialism consolidated it in the late 19th century.

Everything that came out of Africa was destined for London, Portugal, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Frankfurt and Madrid.

So, Africa is still bearing that legacy of shipping unprocessed raw materials to its former masters to be processed.

The technical know how is limited in almost every African country. Africa remains the hunting ground of the super rich. Cobalt, lithium, uranium, platinum etecetra, are in huge demand.

 Inventors like Elon Musk and his Tesla company have found electric cars as replacement to fossil fuel powered cars; and also the cars pose no threat to the ozone layer.

 These processed lithium, cobalt etc, comes back to the continent well packaged and fetch better prices for our masters.

Yes, the African continent is run by power hungry megalomaniacs, and crackpots. But most of our leaders were created by the Western countries.

Most of our leaders came to power through them, the likes of Mobutu Sese Seko, ldi Amin, Robert Mugabe etc. But these leaders then became bored by the Western machinations and turn against them. In the Middle East we had Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, after failing to get further along, they became eternal enemies.

So many third world leaders are said to be abandoning democracy and turning into communism. Democracy as a theory is a theory similar to the Imperialist and Colonist theories, which subjected third world countries to poverty.

 It is another theory which new theorists need to debunk, as exploitative and hawkish. America and Europe are using it as a sign of development, free trade, rule of law, free expression and proper governance.

 But recently the United States is trying by all means to limit or eliminate the Chinese government’s capability to manufacture semi-conductors, artificial intelligence, etc. It wants it to be controlled by the so called Western powers only. If communism and socialism have failed, also democracy has failed big time.

Third world leaders are tired of democracy used as a benchmark of competency. They are now turning to China and Russia for succor.

That’s what this writer calls Brahman to Brahman theory; you align yourself with countries that respect your values and not hostile towards you.

The Chinese are enticing third world leaders with their Belt and Road Initiative. It is devoid of threats, democracy and sanctions but only with development. The western world has failed dismally by trying to forcefeed what they believe in as universal.

 In Africa we have our ways of doing things which must be respected also. Failure to accept that, and trying to tell us what is abnormal as normal, l don’t think any skinhead can move along with those trends.

Industrialisation was brought by Isaac Newton and Francis Bacon, both British gentlemen. They were not protectionists or mercantilists, they shared what they discovered with the whole world and life was greatly improved by these inventors.

 Now America is busy trying to hide whatever it has to the outside world, fearing that China and Russia will be the best boys in town.

So, free trade which the US boasts of is just non-existent it is just a text book theory. Free speech is also non-existent in the Western world as protestors against the Israel- Hamas war are trolled and labelled.

 Governance is also under threat as trumped up charges against Donald Trump are manufactured daily.  We are in 21st century and we are still witnessing what the League of Nations was formed to prevent shortly after the second world war, to prevent further world conflicts.

 NATO is in Ukraine trying to restore democracy in the country and repel the Russian aggressor from Ukraine. Trillions of dollars of war equipment was shipped in Ukraine, so that Ukraine can be able to fight back. Many lives were lost in Ukraine, infrastructure destroyed, and still the war is raging.

The world is now bemoaning the late Henry Kissinger, this is the time he was supposed to shine. A superpower must not act in reckless abandon like what old Biden is driving the world into. The old man needs to rest and let younger democrats run the show.

The Israeli – Palestine war is now bringing in new players daily in the fold. Many people are dying and the world is just engaging in pep talk.

 Hamas erred on a large scale and l think elder BB Netanyahu has taught them some manners and its high time he must restrain.

 But now old Biden is clueless and his sights are now on Donald Trump, who may spoil his party end of this year.

Hope the Electoral College will give him another term at the White House. All we need is here in Africa and our leaders must focus and change the face of Africa.

By AARON ‘Pan Africanist’ GONO

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