AAYFO launches campaign for tech education


MASVINGO – Technological advancements and computers have recently become more practical than just rhetoric spins of politicians.

A Local based information technology organisation, Africa-Asia Youth Foundation (AAYFO) has taken the ICT gospel to another level as they thrive to equip schools, students and graduates from different professions with cutting edge computer technology skills in Masvingo Province as well as across Zimbabwe.

AAFYO, an ICT organisation, focusing on making a strong support network for IT knowledge and skills to the youth and students across Africa and Asia, recently came up with a project that allows them to invade schools to train young students on the operations of modern technology aimed at resolving the world’s problems and influence education and ICT policy as well as being adopted into the system and making sure all schools adopt artificial intelligence in their curriculums.

“Our main goal is to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 on quality education in Zimbabwe as well as ensuring that children are caught young on impartation of the 21st Century skills which align with the future of work and we are offering the components for their practice as well as mentors who are technologically sound who will always be a call away for the schools,” said the AAYFO international executive director, Yvonne Shumbanhete.

The initiative which started by giving students basic knowledge about drone operations and requirements was launched in a two-day course at Mucheke Government High School where various classes attended a highly stimulating drone flying seminar as well as at Victoria Junior Primary School.

“This initiative and collaboration help us to teach children crucial skills needed in this age where everything uses artificial intelligence, automation inclined operations and robotics technology which is practical learning required for the future of practical fields like agriculture, irrigation, education, urban planning and mapping,” said one IT teacher from Mucheke Government High School.

Shumbanhete also explained the highly impactful relationship and understanding they have with the authorities and other organisations with same interests since they are recognized by the Zimbabwe Youth Council as one of the very few national treasures in ICT youth associations in the country.

“We also worked with the government last year for the Masvingo Business Expo as the Youth Representatives and as for this bootcamp the Ministry of Education gave us a full nod to go ahead and during the Bootcamp we had Great Zimbabwe University whom we have already submitted a draft MOU with for their Innovation Hub where we intend to promote grassroots innovations as well as working with Civil Aviation of Zimbabwe and  Zimbabwe Flying Labs whom we are working with here in Masvingo in a partnership to teach students,” added Shumbanhete”

“We call to action all parents to support and urge their children to venture into technology education (catch them young) as we have entered the 4th industrial revolution with computers, robotics and artificial intelligence that has become a central part of the economies in agriculture, finance, accounts, defense, and many parts of the day-to-day function of the country these technologies are a requirement,” concluded Shumbanhete.

Graduates and volunteers sitting at home without jobs sometimes doing projects for other varsity students are invited for drone flying where they can be certified drone pilots which is a great driving skill for the 21st century for all varying careers noting that drones not just making videos alone but improving all fields of our societies and students seeking an opportunity to learn in a dynamic environment are encouraged to join us to learn amazing tech which they will be providing like Raspberry pie, Arduino UNO and other advanced technologies.

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